“Bringing master craftsmanship to industrial scale production is my challenge.The area of intervention of the company orbits in the galaxy of furniture production.
We design, we produce and deliver anywhere in the world furniture for commercial and residential locations.I have invested a great deal in research and development and I have projected furniture items realizing a design proposal.This is the sea I intend to navigate.”

Giuseppe Mattia explores new horizons and arrives in Miami (U.S.A.). Giuseppe Mattia Corporation was born with the goal of carrying overseas Made in Italy handmade design.
The upcoming showroom will exhibit furniture and furnishing accessories of our exclusive production. You will see the specimens with your own eyes and that will allow you to understand the details of the construction techniques, the quality of the used materials and the hardware accessories. The virtual room will be the hearth of the custom made. Assisted by our designers, the client will have the opportunity to immerse in his own home, office or showroom, composing the furniture as he/she pleases and visualizing it in virtual reality.
It will be possible to customize the furnishings by choosing colors, materials and wood essences. The virtual room will allow the customer to make the furniture as he/she has always imagined.